Diamond Shopping – Does Size Really Matter?

by beconrad

Diamond shoppers face many choices in the marketplace, and getting the most for the money can be quite a challenge. Whether you are getting ready to pop the question and in need of the perfect engagement ring or simply shopping for the perfect pair of diamond earrings for your sister, it is important to understand the importance of quality in addition to size.

While heads may turn when they see a huge diamond ring, it is even more important for diamond shoppers to focus on the quality of the stone, along with the cut and the setting. Size alone does not make a good diamond, and in fact some of the most beautiful and elegant diamonds are quite small. Quality shows through no matter what the size, and diamond shoppers should not allow themselves to be blinded by the size of the stone.

Of course the carat count is an important consideration for diamond shoppers, and the number of carats will play a big role in the cost of the jewelry as well. With all else being equal, a larger diamond will cost more than a smaller one, but it is important to realize that the other factors may not be the same. It is important to look at the quality of the stone in addition to the carat count in order to find the perfect piece of jewelry.