Is a Round or Princess Cut Diamond More Popular?

Diamonds come in many different shapes: round, marquise, oval, pear, princess, heart, radiant, and emerald. Many people believe the unique shapes are the most popular. In fact, the round cut and the princess cut diamonds outsell all of their competitors. What's more, their shapes are the least unique of all. A round cut diamond resembles a circle, and the princess cut resembles a square. Between the round cut and the princess cut, however, competition arrises. Is the Princess cut diamond or the round cut diamond more popular?

When purchasing a diamond, whether it be on a pair of earrings or an engagement ring, customers weigh heavily on two factors: beauty and price. It is difficult to sell a high priced ring no matter how beautiful it is. Likewise, it is difficult to sell a dull ring at a low price. Both the round cut and the princess cut diamonds excel in these two categories.

Round Cut

Round cut diamonds have a brilliance like no other. When done correctly, there is no other diamond cut that comes close to the beauty of a round cut. While prices can get fairly high for round cut diamonds, they can also be purchased at reasonable prices.

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds are unique because they allow customers to purchase a fairly unique shape without sacrificing beauty or price. The princess cut is the closest shape to the most common diamond in the rough. For this reason, it is much easier to cut a princess diamond than any other shape. This makes them less expensive.

When it comes down to it, the round cut diamond is the most popular. It is breathtakingly brilliant and classic. If you are clueless about what cut of diamond to purchase, the round cut is your best bet.